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Press Centre (2/2006)

2006/02/02 - Selami survives bird flu -- but the threat is not over yet

Şanlıurfa/Ankara, 2 February, 2005 -- Selami Baş sits cross-legged on the low cushion which constitutes the only furniture in the small main room of his home in Yakubiye, an impoverished neighbourhood of the historic city of Şanlıurfa in Southeast Turkey. A shy, brown-haired four year-old in a red pullover and denim jacket, he plays constantly with his fingers while a dozen other boys chase up and down the steep, stony alleyway outside. Selami is unique: the only person in fast-growing Şanlıurfa province to have contracted the avian influenza virus which has been sweeping the country. And he is lucky to be alive.

2006/02/02 - Communicating about bird flu in Turkey

It's a disease which comes from chickens.

A dozen women and girls, mostly in their teens, occupy a circle of plastic chairs in the sparse but functional classroom of the Multi-Purpose Social Centre in the Yakubiye neighborhood of Şanlıurfa in Southeast Turkey.


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