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Press Centre (9/2014)

UNICEF's emergency respond to Syrians who come across to Turkey

Syrians who are wating for crossing border into Turkey @UNICEF/Turkey-2014/Yurtsever
150,000 Syrian refugees from Kobani have crossed the border from Syria into Turkey in couple days starting from 19th September. Approximately %60 of them are children. 

These people, especially the children, are looking exhausted after walking for days. Upon arrival, in collaboration with UNICEF are providing high energy biscuits and water. 

A father who is wearing a blue tshirt is taking our attention. On his tshirt, it is written “Srebrenica 1995 – Never forget” After a human tragedy which occured in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995, afer 19 years, now there is another human tragedy in Kobani, Syria. His name is Halid (32).

He is from Elecan village of Kobani. He is father of 4 children including 2 boys and 2 girls.  Anxiously he sasy “we came here by foot in 7-8 days, We slept outside. Now we are looking for peace.

His son Yasin is 5 years old, although he is very tired he gave us a huge smile but does not want to share his biscuits with anyone.

Hedle is one of the Syrians who came acrross to Turkey from the border. She is a mother of a baby. Her name is Shirwan. She is just one year old. They are coming from a village of Kobani.

Tired mother says “We walked about 35 kilometre under the sun. Our children are extremely tired and hungry. When we passed the border, they provided us biscuits and water. Health teams checked and vaccinated our children”

This boy while eating his high energy biscuits fast, he says he has not have a chance to eat something during last 2 days. He is 10 years old who used to study at 4th grade.

Because of the recent conflict in Kobani, he had to fleed his village which is called as Dareli. His journey took 3 days. They walked all the road. That’s why his foots are dusty. When we asked what do you want now, he immidiatly replies back “I just want to go back my village”

Shiar is one of the members of ten children family. He is 10 years old right now. We came across to him in the buffer zone of the border. He was waiting near few bags, some belongings and some foods.

He says his all siblings passed away the border and he is waiting for his parents now.  They took their animals as well. He says he was scared because of gun fires during the conflicts. He says he is nothing to have. Most probably, he needs just peace and safe place.

Syrian children who fled from Kobani to Turkey have been checked at the sahra hospital. Injured people have recieved first health service here. Also, children are vacinated by the health teams.

Silva (5) and Nisra (11) are the sisters who some of the children who are getting their vaccination. Silva does not cry while getting her measles vaccine. Her elder sister Nisra Şirin is also getting her oral polio vaccine in calm.

Story and photos by Ayberk Yurtsever
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