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Press Centre (1/2015)

Peace training for the youth of Syria and Turkey

GAZIANTEP, Turkey, January 2015 - A group of Syrian and Turkish youths from Turkey’s border town of Gaziantep came together last month to talk peace, conflict and communication.

The “Peace for Youth” training was run by the International Youth Leadership Academy (IYLA), an Istanbul-based organization, in cooperation with its partners Habitat Center for Development and Governance and UNICEF.
Through the programme, which happened from December 19-21, 30 young Syrian and Turkish people living in Gaziantep had an opportunity to come together and share their opinions on existing methods of communication and how they are affected in peace and conflict environments.
The training aimed to improve the capacities, skills and experiences of the participants in understanding and describing the concepts of identification, stereotypes, discrimination, violence, conflict and peace and their correspondences in the existing situation in the region. The experts used a theoretical approach that combined various case studies and simulation games where the participants were encouraged to also learn from their own experiences.
Leading role of the youth in opening a channel for dialogue
The projects aims to empower its participants to assume a leading role in improving a peaceful communication between the two groups and open a channel for dialogue in the society. It is expected that the participants lead this initiative and disseminate their experiences in the region by sharing them with the other youth networks and active youth organizations.
Headquartered in İstanbul, the International Youth Leadership Academy was established by a platform that is composed of international organizations including UNICEF. IYLA is a project, where the youth can benefit from non-formal education, strengthen their capacities and improve their leadership skills.
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