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Press Centre (1/2009)

2009/01/04 - Gaza Flash Appeal

The Gaza Strip has been under heavy military attack since the morning of Saturday, 27 December. Bombings have affected thousands of civilians including refugees, who represent over 70% of the population in Gaza. UNRWA has made all possible efforts to continue its activities, whenever possible, and to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the escalation of the conflict. Although the immediate future remains uncertain, the extent of structural damage and human suffering to date and the likelihood of protracted hostilities require that the Agency be prepared to meet the needs of a growing number of affected civilians in the days and weeks to come.

UNRWA participated in the 2009 UN funding appeal for the occupied Palestinian territory, launched in early December. In addition to the requirements presented through the Consolidated Appeal Process, the Agency now needs further resources to address the new situation. Below are the items of a Special Funding Appeal for Gaza based on an initial, rough estimate of needs in the key areas of food, cash and emergency shelter assistance.

This Special Appeal amounts to 34 million US dollars for four months. It will be updated once there will be a proper, detailed and in situ assessments of the situation. Given the need for resources to be immediately available to cover new needs, and while it is hoped that a ceasefire will be achieved as soon as possible, we trust that you will consider urgent funding of the appeal, so that at least the most pressing, life-saving humanitarian requirements can be met without delay.

Gaza Flash Appeal Summary Budget Cost/USD
Food 10,010,000
Cash assistance 10,000,000
Shelter 10,500,000
Fuel 500,000
Subtotal 31,010,000
PSC (11%) 3,411,100
Total 34,421,100

Donors please contact:

Ms. Halide Çaylan
Phone: 00 90 312 454 1087
e-mail: halide.caylan@undp.org
Birlik Mah. 2. Cad. No 11
Çankaya Ankara, Turkey

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