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Press Centre (4/2011)

Renew your Commitment to Children on 23rd of April!

Ankara 22 April 2011 - UNICEF congratulates the 'Sovereignty and Children's Day' of all children in Turkey and also the establishment of the parliament 91 years ago.

April 23rd was dedicated to children since 1923 and Turkey, little over then four decades, is also sharing the joy, love and friendship of this day by inviting children all over the world.

As UNICEF, at the year of general elections, we are asking all the political parties to renew their commitment to the children of Turkey by integrating the most critical child right issues to party programmes.

International data shows that the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and reaching the Millennium Development Goals is to invest in children. Turkey ratified the Convention on the Rights of a Child in 1994, since then many significant developments have been achieved in the areas of health, education and child protection including the Child Protection Law of 2005. However child rights needs to receive more attention in the programmes of Parties as almost one third of the population of Turkey is made up of children.

A Focus on Equity

In accordance with the national agenda and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF Turkey Country Office is requesting the special attention of all political parties to the integration of the following issues: 

  • Equity should be the guiding principle while children rights are being implemented: children should be able to benefit equally from all services regardless of their gender, economic background or geographical location,
  • The budget allocated for children needs to be expanded to make sure that services addressing children are provided effectively, achieving social change and reaching the Millennium Development Goals,
  • An independent ombudsperson mechanism needs to be established to monitor the implementation of child rights and take the necessary actions to address complaints and requests.

Turkey has made tremendous achievements for its children. We believe that a focus on equity will accelerate progress towards the MDGs faster than the current path and it will be considerably more cost-effective and more sustainable.

 Dr. Ayman Abulaban

UNICEF Turkey Representative


Note: Detailed information on the above three issues has been sent to all Parties participating in the 2011 elections.

For more information: Sema Hosta, Communication Officer, UNICEF, shosta@unicef.org

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