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Press Centre (3/2012)


United Nations and British Council staff in Turkey learned together about the amazing world of social media in a workshop organized jointly by the two organizations, on 19 March 2012 in Ankara, Turkey. This was the first event organized under the framework of a Memomrandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the two organizations in October 2011 which allowed the UN System in Turkey and British Council Turkey Office to collaborate in areas of common interest.

British Council Turkey Director Margaret Jack, UNICEF Turkey Represantative Ayman Abulaban, International Labor Organization (ILO) Turkey Director Ümit Efendioğlu and United Nations National Information Officer  Ahmet Parla welcomed all participants to the workshop and talked briefly about the importance of using social media.

“We, people like in this room, in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s  - we are digital immigrants, and some of use are even digital refugees” said Mr. Abulaban in his opening remarks. “But our children are not digital immigrants they are digital natives.  It is coded in their DNA. That is why if you are not active in social media you do not exist for them, our children.” he told to the participants of the workshop.

Ms. Jack said they are very happy to attend the first joint event with the UN System in Turkey in line with the MoU signed in October.

Director Ümit Efendioğlu said that they were happy to host event at the ILO premises and wished participants a successful workshop.

Over  40 participants from different UN Agencies in Turkey and British Council’s Ankara office attended the all day workshop hosted in ILO Ankara Office.  Zeljko Jovanovic, British Council Head of Digital Marketing, Wider Europe Marketing and Communications conducted the training.

The participants both from United Nations and British Council expressed that they were glad to have the opportunity to attend the workshop and learn more about Social Media.

United Nations system in Turkey and British Council Turkey give special importance to use of social media for their activities because Turkey’s young population is very activiely engaged with social media. A proof of that is the fact that Turkey, with its more than 31 million Facebook users, is the 6th in facebook usage globally.  

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