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Press Centre (6/2016)

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria on violence against the children of Syria

DAMASCUS, 12 June 2016 – “According to reports, one child was killed and tens of others were injured in bombings yesterday near the Sayidda Zeinab shrine, south of Damascus.  Today, at least five children were reportedly killed in attacks on a market in Idlib.

“This comes amid an increase in attacks on civilians in the past weeks where tens of children were reportedly killed.
“Across Syria, as we interact with children, they tell us shocking stories. Many have witnessed horrific levels of violence. Children are left deeply traumatised. Some can no longer sleep. Those who do, have nightmares. Many others have lost their hearing due to constant bombardments. Some suddenly break out in tears. Shaking with fear, they tell us how afraid they are of bombs and rockets. Some can’t event speak anymore. Wherever they are, children live in constant fear not knowing when the next attack will hit. 
“Like other children around the world, Syria’s children should be preparing for summer holidays, not escaping and hiding from bombs and bullets.
“What do we say to children across Syria who keep asking us, again and again, ‘when will this stop?’ ” 
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