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Press Centre (8/2016)

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the situation of children in Aleppo, Syria

NEW YORK, 19 August 2019 - “What human being can see the stunned suffering of Omran Dagneesh, the small boy rescued from a destroyed building in Aleppo, Syria, and not feel an overwhelming sense of empathy?

“Can we not extend the same empathy to the more than 100,000 children also trapped in the horror that is Aleppo?  They are all suffering things no child should suffer – or even see. 
“And empathy is not enough.  Outrage is not enough.  Empathy and outrage must be matched by action.
“Children of Omran’s age in Syria have known nothing but the horror of this war waged by adults.  We all should demand that those same adults bring an end to the nightmare of Aleppo’s children.”
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