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Press Centre (11/2016)

A 'Tiny Story' for children by Buket Uzuner

“Don’t behave childish!” say adults very often to each other.

I am a child and children behave childish.

But no war on earth was ever made by children.

No tree was cut by a child so far.

Any crime against the air, the water and the earth was committed by any children.

Any extinct animal species was the result of any children’s activity.

Now I have a wish #ForEveryChild: Don’t behave Adult!

Novelist, storyteller and travel writer Buket Uzuner’s first novel The Sound of Fishsteps received the Yunus Nadi Novel Prize in 1993 and her novel Mediterranean Waltz was awarded with the Istanbul University the Novel of the Year Prize in 1998. Uzuner has been presented as honorary fellow writer by The University of Iowa in 1996. Her books have been among national bestsellers in Turkey since 1992 and were published in eight languages.  

Over 200 prominent writers including novelists, playwrights and poets, have joined a global literary campaign this week, penning ‘tiny stories’ of around seven lines each to highlight Universal Children’s Day and the injustice so many of the world’s poorest and most disadvantaged children still face. The short story series kicks off UNICEF’s commemoration of its 70th year working to bring help and hope to every child.
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