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Situation of Children

Analysing the situation of children and women is an essential part of UNICEF’s work around the world. A situation analysis is conducted regularly in every country where UNICEF works. The situation analysis is usually drawn up once every five years, and is used to draft the programme of cooperation between UNICEF and the government for the next five years. The situation analysis is then updated from time to time.

Based on national statistics and other available data, this Situation Analysis of Children in Turkey seeks to present an overview of the conditions in which Turkey’s 0-18 year-olds live. More specifically, it tries to answer questions such as the following: How healthy, well-fed and well looked after are Turkey’s children? Are all of their needs met? How do they get on at school? What opportunities do they enjoy, and what risks are they facing? What legislation, policies and services are in place to support them?
In summary, this Situation Analysis examines how far Turkey’s children are able to enjoy the rights set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As well as informing UNICEF’s own work, we hope that it will contribute to greater awareness of a wide range of children’s issues, and so inspire policies and practices that will improve child well-being in the future.

UNICEF Turkey would like to hear your comments on this Situation Analysis of Children in Turkey and your suggestions for improving it. We would also welcome information about new data and research or analysis that could be used to update the Situation Analysis. Please contact ankara@unicef.org

Analysis of the Situation of Children and Young People in Turkey 2012.pdf

Analysis of the Situation of Children and Young People in Turkey 2011.pdf

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