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6.7 Monitoring systems

Given the wide differences in the challenges faced by schools and the resources available to them, it is important that the standards and monitoring process should be seen as self-assessment tools and a means for measuring progress, rather than as performance indicators for use in identifying weak schools or rewarding or punishing management. Confusion needs to be avoided between these standards and other monitoring instruments which exist or may be introduced including performance management indicators and the Financing of Education and Education Spending in Turkey Data Management System (TEFBİS) for monitoring educational spending. The İKS indicators and directions for their use may need to be clarified, simplified or refined depending on the results of the implementation so far. Education managers and other duty-bearers will need to internalise the standards and be equipped to achieve them. Based on these experiences, there is a need for a similar process to make secondary schools more child-friendly. Schools and the education system as a whole could also be more open to independent monitoring and external consultation. 

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