Siva is 15 years old and she is in grade 7. Siva lives with her family in Gaziantep, Southeast Turkey. They came to Turkey 5 years ago. Her mother, Ayse, is 47 years old and her father was a taxi driver in Syria. Siva enjoys her life in Turkey. She learnt to speak Turkish and made many new friends and likes to play with them in the streets. Due to Turkish language barrier and harsh economic conditions of her family, Siva lost 2 years of schooling. Since she started benefiting from the CCTE programme, she has been studying hard and catching up with her classmates at school. Siva’s mother, Ayse says “Living conditions are harsh. The CCTE programme helped us to cover some of the needs of the children. School is very important. Girl or boy does not matter. Education is key for their future. As a family we have faced harsh conditions in Syria but I know that education can save their future. Here in Turkey they can have education. I do not know where we will be in 2 years but if my children have education this can protect them, they can survive anywhere.”


After they lost their house during the war in Syria, Esraa and her family left Aleppo to take refuge in Turkey in 2013. Esraa is 7 years old and she is in grade 1. She has two siblings. Beyen is 9 and Ahmed is 4 years old. Esraa says “One day my father found a blackboard like the one we have at school and he brought it home. We use it when we study at home. I enjoy writing on this board because it makes me feel like a teacher. My siblings become my students and I can teach them the alphabet. I hope to become a real teacher one day.” Esraa and her sisters are currently benefiting from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme (CCTE), which encouraged her family to keep her in school and continue her education.


Hamza is 11 years old and he is in grade 6. He fled Idlib, Northwest Syria, with his family in 2016. He has three sisters and three brothers. During the war, Hamza lost his father, so his oldest brother, Hameed, 24, became the only bread winner of the family. “I want to be a journalist to report the reality and show what happens in the world. I also like to perform. Art is something I really enjoy. I also like to spend a lot of time with my friends. Together we can forget the bad things that have happened and have fun.” Hamza is very energetic; he plays football, loves to ride bikes and participates in social activities at school like singing and dancing. Hamza and his sibblings are currently benefiting from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme (CCTE), which encouraged Hamza’s family to keep them in school and continue their education.


Ahmed is 17 years old and he is in grade 8. Besides attending school, he works part-time at a textile factory near their home. Ahmed and his brother benefit from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) programme. Before benefiting from the CCTE, Ahmed was working the entire day at the factory. Ahmed also regularly helps his siblings with their homework. Ahmed’s mother, Dua, 33 years old, said “We are coming from war, and it is difficult to dream about the future. Thanks to the CCTE Ahmed’s work hours decreased and now he can go to school regularly. Ahmed is a young man and this incentive means a lot to him. Ahmed now gets a chance to choose what he wants to do in his future.”


Meymune is 12 years old and she studies in 3rd grade in Gaziantep. Meyumune has 3 younger brothers, Muhammed, 9 years old, Munser, 8 years old, and Merwan 2 years old. Her father has an irregular source of income, he works in a car repair shop to support the needs of the family. Thanks to the CCTE they can pay the school bus fees for Meymune and her brothers. Meymune wants to be a Turkish teacher and she loves Turkish language. Even if they go back to Syria, she will teach Turkish to Syrian children. Meymune says “All children should go to school. If I go to school I can also help my friends. There is a big difference between a child that goes to school and one that doesn’t”. Meymune wants to continue her education and go to university. Meymune’s grandfather says “We hope one day we can go back to Syria. Thanks to all the help we are receiving we are able to maintain our life here, yet it is still very challenging. Living in a country other than yours is hard.”


8 year-old Hassan lives with his parents and his two younger sisters Mariam, 3, Aicha, 5, in Gaziantep, Turkey. They came from Aleppo seeking refuge from the war in Syria. Hassan is currently in grade 1 and his favourite class in school is Turkish language. “I love to write and ride my bike,”Hassan says. Hassan’s father works in a shoe manufacturing shop, and often brings work home for extra income because he does not have a regular job. Hassan is currently benefiting from the Conditional Cash Transfer for Education Programme (CCTE), which encourages Hassan’s family to keep him in school and continue his education. Hassan’s mother Asmaa says”Hassan learned to speak Turkish very well. He loves going to school and he has many friends there.“ He always wanted a red bike and the family started saving some money for months to buy this bike, despite their limited and irregular income. Now, everyday Hassan comes back from school and rides his bike.

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Conditional Cash Transfer for Education (CCTE) Programme
for Syrians and Other Refugees

The extension of the CCTE programme to Syrians and other refugees is made possible through financial support from EU’s Directorate General for Europen Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations, the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migrants (PRM) of the US State Department and the Government of Norway.


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